What to Wear and Where to Take Engagement Photos? Part One

Engagement Photo TipsOnce you’ve excitedly shared the news that you’re engaged, you may hurry into the fun work of planning your dream wedding. But in your haste to get to the altar, don’t forget to schedule engagement photos. An engagement session is a great opportunity to celebrate this special season in your life. After all, you only get to be fiancés for a short time! Commemorate it with beautiful photos you’ll cherish long after you’re husband and wife. Perhaps best of all, an engagement photo session is a great excuse to get dolled up, and also to make a connection with your wedding photographer, that way you two have already built a rapport when it comes to your wedding day. Here are a few tips how to make your first photo session as a couple a roaring success.

Honor Your Interests and Choose a Special Place

How did you two meet? What are your favorite ways to spend a weekend, or your shared hobbies? Did you fall in love with his musical abilities, or his impressive comic book collection? Does he love your craftiness, or ability to snag gorgeous antiques at bargain-basement prices?

  • Whatever makes the two of you special, honor those characteristics in your engagement session. This is a chance to let your personalities shine, after all!
  • You don’t have to go full-blown theme session, but definitely give a nod to your unique love story, and the things that set you apart.
  • If you’re big campers, set up a little tent and take photos “roughing it” in the woods. Avid movie goers? Consider renting a charming old theatre downtown.
    • And if you’re thrilled with the wedding venue you’ve chosen because it reflects you two so well, talk to the coordinator about holding an engagement session there on the premises. Not only will it look great, but it will give guests a subtle sneak peek at what’s to come.