What to Wear and Where to Take Engagement Photos? Part Two

How to Rock Your Engagement Photo SessionHe finally popped the question, and you said an elated “Yes!” Now comes the fun part. Yes; you’ll need to plan your wedding, but before that comes an engagement session. This is a chance to celebrate your unique connection, and to show off that new ring to all your friends. After booking a photographer, you may be a little lost as to how to prepare for your engagement photo session. Well, here are a few things to keep in mind so you can look stylish and so in love.

Dress Accordingly

While it’s not necessary to shoot engagement photos in formal attire, it is advisable to choose clothes that represent the kind of wedding day you hope to have. So if an incredibly formal wedding is your dream, choose a sharp suit for your man, and a cute, semi-formal dress for yourself.

If you two are laidback, and a little country, have your fiancé rock his very best jeans and shine up those cowboy boots, while you can wear an outdoor appropriate little white dress, dolled up with a jean jacket even.

  • Many brides-to-be opt to wear some version of white for engagement photos, whether it’s a classic white button down for a city shoot, a comfy cotton dress for outdoor photos in the spring, or even a cozy ivory sweater for a romantic fireside session this winter! It’s not required by any means, but it can be a fun way to give a nod to your upcoming nuptials.
  • You and your fiancé should try to coordinate, without looking too matchy matchy. (That look should be reserved for 1980s family photos!). Choose complimentary colors, or even shades of the same color. Or, if you’ll be wearing a pretty pattern, like a floral print, choose a hue from that and find a shirt for your man, that will match the shade.
  • If you’ll both be wearing patterns, make sure they don’t clash. And as a general rule, in photography, avoid anything overly busy. Small prints can look like optical illusions in images, which can detract from your pretty faces and your connection as a couple!
  • Likewise, be sure to consider your location when choosing your attire. This way you don’t end up wearing anything that will be impossible to move in. You also don’t want to sink into the dirt at your rustic wedding venue, for instance, or to instantly stain your dress if you choose to wear a pastel outfit with plans to venture through a woodsy area.