Month: March 2016

What’s In for Wedding Invites?

Before you can say “I do,” you will need to invite all your closest friends and family to share in your celebration. Once you have nailed down your guest list, it’s time for the fun part of wedding planning to begin. Modern wedding stationery can be found to fit every taste and budget, so explore… Read more »

Watch for These Wedding Trends in 2016

There are timeless traditions, when it comes to weddings, and then there are trends that come and go. Fortunately 2016 seems to be a year when the two have met in beautiful and stylish ways. From table arrangements, to setting the overall tone for the day, let us take a look at what is going… Read more »

Dealing with Pre-Wedding Jitters: Part Two

Still wondering how to cope with all the pre-wedding jitters you’re feeling as a soon-to-be-bride? You’re in luck! There are lots of ways to de-stress, and to lessen your worry load while planning a wedding. Spending time with friends and your groom leading up to the wedding are a few key ways to cope with stress. But… Read more »

Dealing with Pre-Wedding Jitters: Part One

We get it; wedding planning can be stressful. Plus, any big change can sometimes cause a sense of overwhelming anxiety. Fortunately there are some helpful ways to cope with jitters, leading up to and on your wedding day. That way you can actually show up and enjoy it, without feeling under pressure.

Selecting Sweet Tunes for Your Wedding: Part Two

Just like cake testing, choosing wedding songs can be a lot of fun. Plus, it can also be a great bonding experience for you and your fiancé, and a fun diversion from more stressful aspects of wedding planning. (Yes, guestlist, we’re talking about you!) From making date nights out of checking out local wedding bands,… Read more »

Selecting Sweet Tunes for Your Wedding: Part One

Few aspects of a wedding set the emotional tone more than the songs couples choose for both their wedding and reception. It’s a wonderful way to honor each individual’s tastes and personality, as well as to convey the couple’s unique love story through lyrics and melodies. From sappy and sweet, to downright rocking, the songs… Read more »

Planning a Weekday Wedding? What You Need to Know

We’ve said it before, planning a weekday wedding is often a great way to lock in your dream wedding vendors, especially those that might already be booked years in advance on Saturdays. But it does sometimes take a bit of extra effort to help make a weekday wedding come together. Here are some great things… Read more »

What Wood a Rustic Bride Do?

Are you hoping to incorporate some modern country décor elements into your wedding day? Have you already chosen a rustic venue, like ours, and want to play up its best features? What better way to highlight your country roots or your outdoors-loving side than with subtle wood elements throughout? From cake stands to signs, there are lots… Read more »

Staying Organized During Wedding Planning: Part Two

Still wondering how on earth to keep track of all the information it requires to successfully plan a wedding? No fear. We’re here to help. At Texas Old Town, we know a thing or two about hosting a lovely wedding, and about all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a spectacular wedding day. So if… Read more »

Staying Organized During Wedding Planning: Part One

Much like any big project, planning a wedding successfully requires a lot of organization and excellent time management. Fortunately, unlike your last big project in school, or the huge one you’re currently undertaking at work, wedding planning can and should be more fun, than stressful! But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, either figuring out where to… Read more »