Dealing with Pre-Wedding Jitters: Part Two

Manage Stress During Wedding PlanningStill wondering how to cope with all the pre-wedding jitters you’re feeling as a soon-to-be-bride? You’re in luck! There are lots of ways to de-stress, and to lessen your worry load while planning a wedding. Spending time with friends and your groom leading up to the wedding are a few key ways to cope with stress. But here are a few other ways to relieve stress leading up to and on your big day. 

Delegation Is Your New Best Friend

There is good reason brides love their maids-of-honor. Chances are, they are the brides’ best friends, and hopefully also able to serve the role of right-hand woman. When it comes to wedding planning and tackling last minute to-do’s, don’t be afraid to delegate important tasks (that don’t absolutely have to be completed by you).

Your maid-of-honor, another bridesmaid, or any other helpful friend or family member (especially those that have volunteered to help) will all be happy to come to your aid. This way you have less on your bridal plate, come wedding day, and can focus on simply being present and happy while getting hitched.

Have a Go-to Person

Whether you’ve hired a wedding planner to be on-site the day of your wedding, or have nominated a close family friend, it’s so important to have someone available to field calls and make last-minute decisions while you’re busy getting ready to be a bride! (This job should not go to someone in your bridal party, since they’ll already have their hands full with bouquets!)

Without a designated contact person, your phone could be blowing up for last minute direction requests and other nonsense you shouldn’t be worried about, right up until your walk down the aisle. So pick out someone, ahead of time, to field these questions on your behalf.

Then, just as importantly, be sure to follow through, by handing your phone over on the wedding day, so you can really enjoy yourself!