Do You Really Want a DIY Wedding? Part One

Do You Really Want to DIY Your Wedding?Since the birth of Pinterest, more brides than ever have taken it upon themselves to DIY their weddings. From hand-stamped invitations to self-made bouquets, home-cooked wedding favors, to carefully painted signage, DIY weddings are a chance for creative brides (and grooms!) to really flex their artistic muscles and to showcase their various skills. But while many are drawn to the personalization that a DIY wedding can offer, not all are up to the challenge it can be pulling off so many projects on a pretty strict deadline. So if you’re wondering if a DIY wedding is really for you, here are some questions to ask yourself as you begin planning your dream wedding, whatever that looks like.

1.) Do You Know How to Insert Craft Here, Or Would You Be Learning?

Learning a new craft can be a lot of fun, and a wonderful creative outlet. But if you set out to learn calligraphy in time to hand address 200 invitations, you may find the process more frustrating than fun. That’s why, where weddings are concerned, it’s often best to stick with DIY’s you already know how to do it yourself.

And if you’re set on a project that is currently out of your skillset, enlist help from friends, or hire a talented local artist. They’ll be able to give you the look you want, without the added stress of trying to literally, do it yourself.

2.) Do You Have the Time?

Many brides have full-time jobs, and/or studies vying for their attention, along with wedding planning, which can feel like a job in and of itself. This is not to mention all that is required to merge two bank accounts, two apartments or houses, two families (for couples with kids) and the general work required to build a strong foundation for your marriage.

So while the idea of tackling a bunch of DIY projects might sound fun, initially, even if you know you have the skills, be realistic about whether or not you also have the time. You certainly don’t want to show up at your wedding venue with a truck full of half-complete craft items!

Setting up a few designated project days is one way to make DIY work, for you, especially if you have friends or a fiancé willing to chip in.