Five Southern Traditions All Couples Should Consider! Part One

Bridal Portraits and Other Great Southern TraditionsWho doesn’t want to host an effortlessly glamorous wedding? And no one masters that combination quite like the quintessential Southern bride! Fortunately you don’t have to live south of the Mason-Dixon Line, to host a fabulous, Southern-inspired wedding. Here are five of our favorite traditions that any couple, regardless of geography, can incorporate into their wedding day!

1.) Bridal Portraits Are a Picture Perfect Opportunity to Gear Up for Your Wedding Day

Unless your wedding photographer has already suggested you have bridal portraits taken, before your wedding day, you may not have considered the many ways this predominantly Southern tradition can help.

First, it’s a great chance to make sure your dress fits perfectly, and is actually “comfortable” enough to walk in, or at least breathe in for a few hours. Is the hem correct, does the bustle work? Find out before it’s too late to make any necessary alterations.

Secondly, a bridal portrait session (usually at least a month prior to the wedding) is a great chance to do a test-run of your wedding day hair and makeup. It’s best to learn what looks best before your ceremony, right, when you still have a chance to see how both hold up to the elements (especially important if you’re planning an outdoor wedding), and how they photograph.

Finally, a gorgeously printed bridal portrait makes a great addition to your reception décor, not to mention a wonderful wedding day gift for your parents.

2.) Get Your Guy a Groom’s Cake

Many people may not realize that grooms’ cakes also started as a Southern tradition. But any bride can benefit from incorporating this one into “her” wedding day.

While your groom may not have strong opinions about many things related to the wedding, chances are he won’t mind weighing in on a cake, or other dessert, dedicated solely to him! Better yet, make it a total surprise! This is a great way to show your guy you care, and that you really get him, and his love of WWE, the NFL, his dog, his boat, etc. Plus, the photos of the big reveal will be priceless!

From the flavor to the design, a groom’s cake is a great way to incorporate your man’s tastes, even if they don’t gel with the rest of the wedding theme or décor. In fact, that’s pretty standard for grooms’ cakes, so go with the flow, and no vetoes on this one.