Five Southern Traditions All Couples Should Consider! Part Two

Big Bridal Parties and Other Southern Wedding TraditionsWedding planning becomes a lot more fun when you choose to only to adhere to the “rules” that resonate with you, and to take longstanding traditions and make them all your own! And whether you’re a Southern bride, or just inspired by their classic taste, here are some of our favorite wedding traditions that we’re sure will remain great wedding additions for many years to come!

3.) Outdoor Ceremonies Require an Emphasis on Comfort

Many Southerners are fortunate to enjoy spring-like weather for much of the year, but a Texas summer is certainly nothing to scoff at. That’s why Southern brides have found creative and chic ways to help guests beat the heat.

Custom cocktails, sweet tea, or berry-infused lemonades are refreshing offerings for guests as they enter the reception. But wedding programs that double as fans during the ceremony, or classic parasols can also help ensure guests keep cool! (Air-conditioned indoor reception venues also help, for those unbearably hot days!)

4.) Big Bridal (and House) Parties Are Always In Style

Whether it’s girl cousins, sorority sisters or childhood friends turned college housemates, Southern brides know there is no such thing as too many bridesmaids. Big bridal parties, or house parties, are considered by many a Southern tradition.

So rather than narrowing down your field of friends to a handful, why not ask each to serve in some role, whether as a bona fide bridesmaid or part of the house party? Girls in a bride’s house party often wear the same or similar dresses to the bridesmaids, re included in the ceremony, and all the pre-wedding celebrations (hello bachelorette party!), but they generally are seated during the wedding ceremony, while only bridesmaids stand by the bride’s side.

5.) If It’s Feast or Fancy, Choose Feast!

Southern couples know that what their wedding guests will really remember is the food. So rather than opting for some overly fussy, gourmet options, they choose comfort foods that are sure to please a crowd!

BBQ, fried chicken, nothing is off limits for a Southern wedding. The only rule is that the portions be hearty, and the food be soulful. Oh, and there need to be plenty of napkins (and maybe some moist towlettes) handy!