How on Earth to Start Your Wedding Planning

Ways to Start Your Wedding PlanningYay! He put a ring on it, and now all your friends (and Instagram followers) know that you’re finally engaged. So it’s time to begin wedding planning, but where to start? Looking at a lengthy list of to do’s can make the process feel even more overwhelming. That’s why we think it’s best to start with a few simple steps, which can make the entire wedding planning process feel much more manageable, and even surprisingly fun!

Start at the Beginning

It’s surprisingly simple to make progress planning, once you have a few key items determined, and some important vendors locked in. Choosing a venue is of course very important, as the location of your wedding sets the tone for so many other parts of the ceremony and reception. Hiring a photographer that fits your style is also important, as is choosing your dream dress, obviously!

But if you’re not sure where you want to wed, much less what you want to wear, here are some helpful points to really get you started.

Define Your Style

If you’re having a hard time determining where you want to host your wedding, or what you want it to look like, then start with a broader question that can help focus your search. How do you want your wedding to feel?

The words that answer this question can be great starting points for all your other decisions, whether you land on classic, rustic, fun, or some other adjective. And even if your fiancé doesn’t seem highly interested in helping plan, this is an exercise that can help you determine what’s most important to him, and to plan accordingly.

If he says “festive,” for instance, he may not care at all about the décor, but he definitely wants to make sure his friends have a great time at the reception! And if he says “casual” you might be better off choosing a laidback venue, as opposed to a fancy ballroom downtown.