How to Shine on a Cloudy Day: Part One

Enjoy Your Wedding Day Rain or ShineImagine this. The alarm rings and you’re actually excited to hop out of bed. Because it’s finally your wedding day, a milestone you’ve been dreaming about your whole life! Yay! Only you wake up to find there’s a 90 percent chance of rain. For many brides this sounds like a nightmare, but that doesn’t have to be the case! With a little planning, you and your guests can enjoy your wedding day, come rain or shine. And that means you can stop worrying about the weather, and start planning a wedding ceremony and reception that will feel like sunshine, even on a cloudy day!

What Can You Do to Bring Your Own Sunshine?

Since most brides begin planning their wedding months or even years in advance, it’s pretty pointless to try to plan around the weather. Instead, we think it’s best to focus on making a few smart decisions that can help make things work out wonderfully, even if inclement weather occurs!

Here are Texas Old Town, we are obvious nature lovers. That’s why we’ve created a unique wedding venue on 70 acres of beautiful countryside. But we also know that Mother Nature can be wholly unpredictable, which is why we offer a unique combination of indoor and outdoor venue spaces, perfect for wedding ceremonies, receptions and a host of other special events.

If you have already chosen an outdoor-only venue, talk with the coordinators about creating a plan for rain (or snow, depending on where you live and your wedding date). This could mean classic white tents to protect guests during gentle rain showers, or more substantial accommodations.