How to Shine on a Cloudy Day: Part Two

Rainy Day Wedding TipsSure, it’s good to have an indoor venue rented for your wedding day, in case of rain. But what else can you do to make sure you get hitched, without a hitch, so to speak? There are actually several simple steps you can take, to ensure you enjoy your wedding day, regardless of whether or not the weather cooperates. Here are just a few of our best tips for feeling and looking your best, come rain or shine.

What Can You Do to Best Prepare?

Having an indoor or covered area is only one part of the equation of properly planning for a possible rainy day. Some other important things to consider are:

  • Purchase extra umbrellas for guests in case of impromptu showers during an outdoor ceremony, or even to help keep guests dry as they exit their cars at the venue! Consider simple white or black umbrellas, whichever would look best should they end up in pictures. (Valet services could also be helpful, particularly during inclement weather.)
  • Even a slightly cloudy day can drastically change the lighting in some spaces. So make sure your wedding venue has ample lighting available, and that you hire a photographer able to adjust to bad weather and/or less-than-ideal lighting.
  • You should also be prepared to substitute outdoor portraits, for some lovely indoor ones, if it rains. You may also need to shift your timeline if you end up moving indoors for a part or all of the wedding day.
  • We recommend all our brides bring a comfy pair of shoes along, which are better for dancing! But comfort is also key when dealing with rain. From cute cowboy boots, to colorful rain boots, you won’t be afraid of a little mud or even a puddle or two, so long as you have the right footwear. (Keep in mind your bridesmaids will be there to help keep your dress dry and clean, before you walk down the aisle.)
  • Rain, or even high humidity, can make keeping a complicated hairstyle perfect seem almost impossible. So have a Plan B option, on standby, if there’s a high chance of bad weather, or even if you know you will be outside much of the day.
  • You may also want to consider keeping your hair stylist around until after your formal photos are taken, in case of fly-aways or more extreme hair crises. (Will he or she need to reposition your veil, too, or do you trust a bridesmaid to do that?) The same goes for makeup, as well, which could get smudged, particularly in a rainstorm.