Planning a Weekday Wedding? What You Need to Know

Weekday Wedding Tips and AdviceWe’ve said it before, planning a weekday wedding is often a great way to lock in your dream wedding vendors, especially those that might already be booked years in advance on Saturdays. But it does sometimes take a bit of extra effort to help make a weekday wedding come together. Here are some great things to keep in mind when planning a wedding on a Thursday or Friday, for instance, so your guests can have an extra great time.

Notify Guests As Soon as You Can!

The guests that matter most will certainly be willing to take time off from work to make it to your wedding. That said, if you’re hosting a wedding on a Thursday, Friday or even a Monday, they may need more heads up than if you were to plan a Saturday event.

Make sure to send out Save the Dates as soon as possible, so they can mark their calendars and speak with their bosses. Though most wedding experts say it’s fine to send Save the Dates with only the date and city listed, we think it’s best to book your venue and set a time for the event before sending out initial Save the Dates. (This prevents the need to change dates, later in the planning process.)

Friday nights make particularly great alternatives to Saturday weddings, since they can easily be an excuse for a 3-day weekend getaway, which can be especially fun for out-of-town guests.

To help make them feel at-home in a foreign town, consider stocking their hotel rooms with gift baskets or bags including maps, take-out menus, and guides for local highlights like museums or concert halls, etc. You can also provide some snacks perfect for late-night fueling, and a subway or bus pass, if you’re in a big city.

Little gestures, like these, can help make guests feel more at-home, and they also help to show just how much you appreciate their presence! Plus, it can help them maximize the time they will have in your wedding city of choice, making that extra day they took off feel like a wonderful vacation!