Say ‘Yes’ to a Weekday Wedding

Weddings On WeekdaysBrides and grooms may typically think “weekend!” when it comes to weddings. Lots of couples also plan their events around the big holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. But weekends aren’t the only times it’s possible, or even practical, to say “I do.” And some holidays actually lend themselves as perfect occasions for wedding celebrations. In fact, many modern couples have discovered there can be even more flexibility and availability, when you plan a wedding for a weekday, or even a holiday. So before you set a date, namely one on a Saturday, here are just a few of the reasons to consider hosting your wedding festivities on a weekday or a holiday!

Why Weekdays Can Be a Big, Great Deal!

By far, the number one reason to consider a weekday date, is that it is often much easier to book your favorite wedding venue, caterer, photographer, etc. for a weekday. These are far less likely to be booked months in advance, like Saturdays and even many Sundays are, making weekdays ideal for last-minute planners.

If you only have a few months until you wish to say “I do,” definitely consider swapping your Saturday date for a nearby weekday. Some wedding venues may even offer discounts for selecting weekdays, so don’t be afraid to ask. Just make sure you do so politely, always.

Wedding-specific vendors aren’t the only ways to save money on weekdays, either. In many cases, it’s easier to find and book bargain flights, rental cars and hotel accommodations over weekdays. Just keep in mind that if you’ll be asking a lot of guests to travel in for the wedding, it’s best to keep the date on a Thursday, Friday or Monday, which allows them to take a long weekend for the trip, rather than needing to take two or more weekdays off from work.

You also need to give guests plenty of time to make their travel arrangements. So even if you are ecstatic to find that you can now book a venue in the next three months (thanks to looking at those weekdays), make sure you get those invitations sent as soon as humanly possible, so guests can make plans, accordingly.

As for those holidays, while it’s true prices for travel and accommodations skyrocket around major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, there are some holidays that are great times for weddings! Think of the postal holidays, for instance, when many businesses give employees a day off, but few people head out of town. These are often great weekends to host weddings. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday in January and Veterans Day in November come to mind.