Selecting Sweet Tunes for Your Wedding: Part One

Selection Great Wedding TunesFew aspects of a wedding set the emotional tone more than the songs couples choose for both their wedding and reception. It’s a wonderful way to honor each individual’s tastes and personality, as well as to convey the couple’s unique love story through lyrics and melodies. From sappy and sweet, to downright rocking, the songs you choose will say a lot about you and your groom, so it’s certainly an important part of wedding planning! Make sure your selections set the right note (pun intended), with these fun tips.

Let Your Groom Have a Voice

Even if your fiancé has wanted very little input, when it comes to planning your dream wedding, chances are he has strong opinions when it comes to the tunes. Smart brides know to let and even encourage their guys to have a voice when it comes to selecting the wedding songs and who will be playing them. After all, it is important he be represented in some aspects of your ceremony and reception!

Since many grooms ask to be involved in selecting music more than any other aspect of wedding planning, and often instead of any other, make sure you respect his choices, even if you don’t understand all of them. (Who would think to follow a Rascal Flatts classic with a Boys to Men ballad you haven’t heard since your childhood? Your man, that’s who. It could be much worse!)

And if his taste actually is much worse than that, or you two just can’t seem to see eye-to-eye (or hear ear-to-ear) when it comes to roadtrip playlists, much less your wedding songs, prepare to make some creative compromises, where the music is concerned.

This could mean letting him choose all the songs for the reception, while you select the songs for the ceremony, or saying, “Yes, babe, of course you can jam out with your groomsmen to that ACDC jam!” so long as it’s covered, tastefully, by that band we both love.