Staying Organized During Wedding Planning: Part One

Wedding Planning TipsMuch like any big project, planning a wedding successfully requires a lot of organization and excellent time management. Fortunately, unlike your last big project in school, or the huge one you’re currently undertaking at work, wedding planning can and should be more fun, than stressful! But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, either figuring out where to start or how to stay organized and on-top of wedding-related tasks, here are some helpful tips.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Cute Bridal Binder!

It sounds very obvious, and unbelievably simple, but creating a wedding folder or notebook, like a 3-ring binder, can be extremely helpful. Even in this digital age, it’s often comforting to have printed copies of what you’re working on, contracts from the vendors you’ve hired, and printed or handwritten to-do lists, which provide the unmatched satisfaction of being able to physically cross items off!

And even before you start hiring vendors, this is a great place to stash information and business cards you may have picked up at a bridal fair, or been given by friends. Printing a timeline for planning can also be incredibly helpful!

  • Promotional discounts/flyers are important to hold onto. You may be asked to provide them for the discount or promised price.
  • If you’re speaking to vendors by phone, rather than email, take copious notes so you don’t forget what was discussed, or get confused about what exactly was quoted by who, and when! It’s also wise to follow-up, after a phone or in-person consult, to get confirmations on pricing and products in writing!