Staying Organized During Wedding Planning: Part Two

Wedding Planning Tips to Help Make the Process FunStill wondering how on earth to keep track of all the information it requires to successfully plan a wedding? No fear. We’re here to help. At Texas Old Town, we know a thing or two about hosting a lovely wedding, and about all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a spectacular wedding day. So if you need a little guidance, getting your metaphorical ducks-in-a-row before your big day, here are simple steps you can take to ensure wedding planning runs smoothly!

Keep Track of All Those Names, Numbers

On the digital side of things, you don’t want to be asking your aunts and uncles for their mailing addresses eight different times, over the course of wedding planning. So take the time to set up a simple spreadsheet with your guests’ addresses, and any other pertinent information, which will make addressing save-the-dates, invitations and shower information much simpler for all involved.

  • It’s easy to send this spreadsheet to hostesses planning showers on your behalf, or to highlight certain names for special events, like the guestlist for your bachelorette party, to send your maid-of-honor!
  • Setting up a contact group in your email account can also be extremely helpful, especially if you have many people helping with planning. This can ensure you don’t leave anyone out of an important update about your wedding or reception, from your wedding planner to the florist, or your future mother-in-law, if she’s also helping with coordination!
  • If you are still in the initial stage of planning, and trying to narrow down design ideas, dress choices, and more, consider starting a Pinterest board for inspiration, and inviting close confidantes to contribute to the board or comment on your additions. This is a great way to keep your ideas in one place, and one that’s conveniently sharable at that!