Think Small! Why We Love Small Guest Lists

Small Guest Lists Equal Big Fun at WeddingsDid you look at that growing guests list and start to feel gloom. Many modern couples don’t want large or traditionally lavish events. They want a more intimate gathering that’s reflective of their lifestyles, in the form of slightly casual and extremely comfortable weddings and receptions. At Texas Old Town, we have several venues to choose from, some of which lend themselves particularly well to smaller weddings. So if you’ve been on the fence about just how many people to invite, here are a few reasons we think smaller is sometimes better!

Why Smaller Is Sometimes Better than Bigger

If you and your groom have a handful of close friends and relatives, why invite a lot of acquaintances or coworkers just to fill seats? It can feel far more exciting and special to be surrounded only by people that know you well, and that have supported you in your union, thus far.

Plus, smaller weddings tend to be much more affordable, since your money will stretch farther with fewer mouths to feed. For couples on tight budgets, this is a great way to keep costs down. Of course, for those with a bit more wiggle room, as for as what they spend, hosting a smaller wedding can mean enjoying spending more on what matters most to you, whether that’s custom wedding cocktails and several talented bartenders, excellent catering from your favorite five-star restaurant, or an incredible honeymoon adventure!

Another benefit to hosting a smaller wedding is that everyone present will likely feel like family, therefore there is less concern about who is in the bridal party, there’s no need to distinguish anyone as VIP. Instead everyone will feel like integral parts of the party! And if you’re hosting a rehearsal dinner the night before, this can feel more like an extension of the wedding, rather than an exclusive or separate event.

Of course, there are some considerations to make when opting for a purposefully smaller event. For instance, if you plan to wed in an extremely large church, consider a pretty way to rope off areas you don’t want guests sitting. (We love floral garlands, and pretty satin sashes, for instance!) That way the guests that are there will fill seats close to the front, where you want them.

When it comes to wedding venues, opt for one designed for a smaller invite list, so you don’t have an abundance of empty space. Redbud Hall, here at Texas Old Town, is a great example. It’s designed to seat 160 people max, making it ideal for more intimate weddings.

If you do choose a larger space, however, like our 350-seat Tejas Hall, consider sectioning it off into a designated dancing zone, tables for eating, and a separate lounge for chatting and enjoying cocktails, etc. This can help the space feel more intimate, even if there’s a lot more of it than there are guests!