Watch for These Wedding Trends in 2016

Wedding Planning Tips that are Timeless and TrendyThere are timeless traditions, when it comes to weddings, and then there are trends that come and go. Fortunately 2016 seems to be a year when the two have met in beautiful and stylish ways. From table arrangements, to setting the overall tone for the day, let us take a look at what is going to be big, in weddings, for 2016. And we’ll pay close attention to the inspiring ideas for wedding planning that we think will remain chic choices for years to come!

Seating Arrangements that Say Party, Not Professional

Long tables remain a big trend in wedding receptions. Not only does this arrangement lend itself to easy conversation amongst all your guests, it also prevents creating a reception space that feels more like a work conference or an old-fashioned social event, than a modern and stylish soiree!

Banquet-style tables are also incredibly versatile, design wise. They can be formally dressed, in crisp white linens, stain table runners, large candles and floral arrangements, or more rustic and picnic-style, with burlap accents, wood elements and potted plants, for instance. Both look great!

Rustic Venues Are Holding Their Ground

Rustic wedding venues remain popular choices, because they provide a fairly neutral space to bring bridal visions to life. Most color choices, floral arrangements and other décor details can easily be adapted to a rustic setting, from playful and girly, to chic and suave.

Choose Romantic Accents

Many couples are opting to incorporate romantic touches into their big days. Adding romance can be accomplished in a number of ways, from choosing soft lighting like candles and string lights, to selecting music that sets the mood.

Of course, one of the most romantic things you can do is designate a time for a first look with your groom before the ceremony begins. This gives the two of you a chance to connect, without all the peering eyes and before the busyness of a wedding begins. Plus, the resulting photographs can be truly breathtaking!