What Wood a Rustic Bride Do?

Wood Elements for Your Wedding DayAre you hoping to incorporate some modern country décor elements into your wedding day? Have you already chosen a rustic venue, like ours, and want to play up its best features? What better way to highlight your country roots or your outdoors-loving side than with subtle wood elements throughout? From cake stands to signs, there are lots of fun ways to incorporate wood into your wedding décor, all of which can help give your big day the rustic touches every country bride loves!

Let Guests Know Where to Go

If you’ve chosen a wedding venue that’s off the beaten path, make getting there easier for guests with custom wooden signs. Ask a crafty friend to hand paint scrap wood (did your neighbors recently tear down their fence?) or order pre-made options from sites like Etsy. You can also customize these with the addition of balloons in your wedding colors, or by placing them into a weighted tin bucket or wheelbarrow in a color or metallic that compliments your wedding color scheme (hello rusty copper!).

Deck the Tables with Wooden Decor

As for décor, wood slices can be purchased at craft stores, or made from spare wood you might have lying around your property. And they are great ways to elevate some decorations, like picture frames, candles or canning jar vases. They can also be used as table numbers. Just paint numbers directly on, or consider etching them. If you’re choosing to create your own wood slices, cleaning and sealing the wood might be necessary to keep it looking good until after the wedding.

Glittered branches also make unique table decorations, and wooden crates can be used to elevate larger design elements, to create makeshift tables for your guestbook or gifts, or even as cupcake stands on the dessert table. Wooden cake stands also remain trendy with rustic brides, and look particularly great with understated cakes (think simple buttercream frosting with a few fresh flowers).

Another unique way to incorporate wood is in place of the guest book, itself. Many brides are opting for unique alternatives to traditional guest books, these days, and some of our favorites include a large wood slice that can be signed with permanent markers. This is extra cute if you first have your initials etched into it! Or, guests can sign small wooden hearts or other shapes, and place them into a shadowbox.