Create a Wedding Cocktail That Will Wow Guests

Create a Custom Wedding CocktailOne of the biggest trends in modern wedding planning is paying special attention to the bar, as well as the food. Long gone are the days of cheap beer and a single kind of wine, serving as the only libations at weddings. Instead, many couples are celebrating their big day with custom wedding cocktails, craft beer bars and other fanciful adult beverages, designed to make the entire day as special as the couple saying “I do.” If you want to wow your guests, consider your own carefully curated bar or a custom wedding cocktail!

Opt for a Custom Cocktail, or Two!

One of the best ways to create a custom cocktail, is to base it off your favorite flavors. If you enjoy vodka, and your husband is a whiskey man, have your bartender or caterer create a cocktail perfect for each of you, which will also create variety for your guests.

Or, if you both favor brandy or some other spirit, have a single drink made to suit your singular taste!

Drinks Don’t Have to Be Cocktails

Was your first date for Tex-Mex and margaritas? Celebrate that with a Mexican feast and a full margarita bar? Try various fruit flavors, both frozen and on the rocks. You could also have a fully-stocked craft beer bar, complete with small-sized glasses, perfect for sampling them all, or a wine bar featuring local varietals or the blends you chose on your first Californian vacation together.

If you’re getting married in a town known for its beer scene, or its wine making, highlight what is local and seasonal, to really set your wedding apart. You could also opt for something that pairs well with local cuisine, such as beer and barbecue, for those marrying here in Austin, Texas.

Provide Alcohol as an Unexpected Add-In for Other Drinks

If you’re hosting a fall wedding, why not include a few choice liquers as possible add-ins for a hot chocolate or apple cider bar? Hosting a spring wedding? Consider alcohols that pair well with fresh squeezed lemonade or iced tea.

Or, if you’re hosting a breakfast-themed wedding (or reception, engagement party or other event), supply all the supplies for perfect mimosas!