Fun Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Fare, Flowers and More: Part One

Non-traditional Wedding IdeasSure, traditional weddings are beautiful. Who doesn’t love roses, white dresses, and a slice of beautiful wedding cake? But many modern couples want something other than a recreation of their parents’, or even their friends’ very typical wedding celebrations. If you want to set your event apart, don’t shy away from choosing less traditional options for everything from the food and flowers, to your dress and more. After all, a wedding should be a testament to two people’s unique love story, not a cookie cutter celebration!

Think Outside the Box-Dinner Style Chicken and Fish

Many modern couples take pride in their excellent taste, where food is concerned. So why would they want to serve their guests bland, boring or uninspired dishes on one of the biggest days of their lives?

While it’s perfectly fine to stick to a menu that includes chicken and fish, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for basic preparations of those (or other) wedding menu staples.

  • Why not consider infusing flavor from either or both of your backgrounds’ for a unique take on traditional wedding fare?
  • Or, incorporate your favorite flavors by talking to the caterer about using a signature spice mixture the two of you both love.
  • It’s also okay to skip the chicken and fish altogether. Pasta dishes are hearty and easy to customize to suit your tastes, for example.
  • Of course many brides and grooms are ditching fancy (sometimes fussy) food, altogether, in favor of serving casual comfort food.
  • Don’t be afraid to create a buffet featuring your favorite finger foods, childhood favorites, or guilty pleasures. Chicken fingers, mac n’ cheese, burgers, pizza, French frieds… nothing is off limits. A great caterer can even give you wonderful ideas about how to elevate these classics, both flavor-wise and in presentation.
  • It’s also a great idea to let the wedding venue you’ve chosen inspire your selections. If you opted for a rustic outdoor venue, why not serve barbecue, tacos, or another southern favorite? Of course, if you have selected a downtown ballroom, you may want to opt for a more formal fare.
  • The city you’ve chosen to wed can also give you important clues about what to serve. Highlight local regional (and seasonal) cuisine to create a menu your guests will enjoy and remember!