Fun Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Fare, Flowers and More: Part Two

Non-Traditional Wedding IdeasHave you been wondering how you can set your wedding day apart from all the other celebrations you and your friends will also be attending? The last thing you probably want is to have a wedding that looks like everyone else’s, some kind of generic celebration of one of the biggest moments in your life. Showcasing your personality, as well as your groom’s, is one great way to create a one-of-a-kind celebration. Of course, it can also be both wise and fun to let go of tradition, if you want to design a day that is wholly yours!

A Rose By Any Other Name

While roses, lilies, peonies and other traditional flowers will always have a role in wedding decorations, it is not necessary to use traditional flowers – or even flowers at all – when designing your wedding day. If you are not a huge fan of traditional floral arrangements, don’t feel pressured to include them, especially when there are so many beautiful alternatives.

Succulents continue to be a wonderful alternative to traditional flowers, both on tablescapes and in bouquets. They can also work especially well with a mix of other flowers, to create colorful and one-of-a-kind arrangements.

Plus, succulents and other potted plants make wonderful guest gifts, after the wedding day is over.

Fruit is another fun and fresh take on “flowers.” Vases filled with lemons, orange slices or other colorful fruit, can create a bold color palette, and playful accents. For fall weddings, consider arrangements of apples or pumpkins, which make for sweet and seasonal displays.

Branches, feathers, seashells, leaves and other natural elements can also create big impact, often for fewer bucks than traditional floral arrangements.

Wondering What to Wear? Opt for What You Really Want

As a bride, don’t feel pressured to wear a traditional white wedding gown. There are many stylish two-piece sets and even pantsuits that could help you feel confident, beautiful, and most importantly, like yourself on your wedding day.

Blush gowns are also trending, right now, quite possibly because not all brides want to wear white. Don’t feel compelled to stick to any one color when selecting a wedding dress (or other ensemble). Some brides wear red, pink, black, or even green dresses! Choose what you feel best in, regardless of tradition!

One thing to consider, though, is where you’ll be getting married. While tradition shouldn’t matter, the weather certainly will. So choose a dress accordingly. Getting married at a beautifully rustic outside venue in summer? Those lace sleeves might be romantic, but they could also be way-too-hot. Fall wedding? Why not incorporate a shawl or sweater into your bridal attire!