Great Ways to Cope with Wedding-Related Stress: Part One

Stressed Out? Tips for CopingAre you feeling overwhelmed by all the details you still have to arrange, before you can say, “I do?” If so, you are not alone. Many brides struggle with stress from both the pressure of planning a wedding, and often the inevitable life changes that will take place after the vows have been exchanged. Sure, getting married is a wonderfully exciting thing. But it can also feel overwhelming. Since April is Stress Awareness Month*, we thought this would be a great time to address the healthy ways you and your fiancé can cope with stress, as a couple, leading up to and after your wedding day!

Take Time to Care for Yourself

When we’re busy, many of us often have a tendency to lean towards convenience and comfort over smart and healthy choices. Instead of making lunch and dinner, we may head to the drive thru for greasy fast food. This can take a toll on one’s waistline, but also her overall wellbeing. Poor dietary choices can also worsen digestive issues that are common when a person is dealing with great deals of stress.

  • Instead of relying on restaurants to make all your meals, create your own version of “fast food” by designating one night a week to prep a week’s worth of lunches and/or suppers.
  • You can make this simple, or elaborate, based on your budget, schedule and the level of your culinary skills.
  • Grocery shopping and cooking can make for quality time spent together, as a couple. After all, who says a date can’t be to the local grocery store or farmers’ market?
  • While you might not feel like you have time to work out, during this busy season of wedding planning, even moderate exercise can be an excellent way to combat stress and keep you feeling your best. Commit to taking daily walks with your fiancé and your four-legged friends. Opt for weekends out hiking or biking, instead of camped out on the couch.

*You can learn more about Stress Awareness Month, and find helpful resources for coping with stress, by visiting the website,