Great Ways to Cope with Wedding-Related Stress: Part Two

Do You Feel Stressed By Wedding Planning?Still wondering how you’re going to survive wedding planning without feeling completely overwhelmed? If so, it’s time to explore a few more helpful ways you can manage your stress levels, even while planning such an important day in your life. It is possible to actually enjoy the planning phase, and your wedding day, as long as you know how to deal with the inevitable steps and stress necessary to create such a big celebration!

Delegation Is Key!

Some of the stress associated with wedding planning, is simply from trying to take on too many roles. As a bride, you already have your manicured hands full. Don’t feel pressure to tackle every item on your to-do list yourself.

  • Some brides are naturally great at dividing tasks amongst their bridesmaids and family members. Others may need help with giving up some control, and asking for help.
  • If you need more help than your friends and family can give, a wedding planner can be hugely beneficial! You can hire someone to help with every step of planning, or just on your wedding day to make sure things run smoothly. This can keep you calm, but also allows your loved ones to simply enjoy your day alongside you, instead of feeling more like hired help.
  • Looking over potential wedding contracts carefully, before hiring any vendors, can also be incredibly beneficial and stress-relieving. Make sure the services you need are spelled out clearly, and that your timeline is solid before hiring vendors. Some may charge extra if you accidentally go over schedule, and need additional hours of coverage. So make sure your expectations are clear and in writing.