How to Honor Your Kids When Getting Married Means Merging Families

Merging Families at Your WeddingMore and more, planning a wedding means merging two families, not just two individuals. Thankfully, there are a lot of wonderful ways to honor your kids during your wedding day. Whether they’re young enough to serve as ring bearer or flower girl, or fully grown, there are plenty of wonderful ways to make your children feel special on such a significant day in your, and their, lives.

Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Meaningful

For young children, many couples invite them to serve as ring bearers or flower girls. Keep in mind that these honored guests can take a seat next to their grandparents or other family during the bulk of the ceremony. It’s a great way to keep them calm, especially if your ceremony is going to be rather long, or if their attention span is rather short.

For school-aged children, consider asking them to serve as junior bridesmaids or groomsmen. Modern couples realize there are no rules about who can stand where, during a wedding. So don’t be afraid to ask your son to stand alongside the rest of your bridal party, or to allow your fiance’s daughter to stand in as his best-person, in lieu of a best man.

Another way to invite kids of any age to play a role in your wedding is to give them special jobs either during the wedding ceremony or reception, such as inviting them to read a poem during the ceremony, or to offer a toast in your honor at the reception. They could also help serve cake or man your guestbook.

Sharing dances with your children, at the reception, is another great way to make them feel included in the celebration.

For those of you who have already gotten married, how did you honor your kids during the wedding?