Is a Destination Wedding Really Right for You? Find Out Now!

Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?Are you still wondering if a destination wedding is right for you? You’re not alone. Many couples like the idea of a romantic getaway to a beach, or a modern wedding ceremony in their favorite travel destination, but struggle to know whether it would actually work for them and their guests. Determining if a destination wedding is truly right for you, as a couple, can best be done by asking a few of the right questions. That way you go into the situation with realistic expectations, and excited for hosting your big day in the city (or country area) that is best for you.

Could a Destination Wedding Suit Your Style?

What can help you determine where to host your dream wedding? The following questions can help you decide whether a destination wedding is really the best fit for you.

  1. When you dream about your wedding, you picture _______.
  • all the people who have been important to you throughout your life.
  • only your current closest friends and family there, by your side.
  • just you and your fiancé exchanging “I do’s.”
  1. When it comes to wedding decorations, you favor _______.
  1. You and your fiancé have always loved ________.
  • lavish dinner parties at swanky hotels or ballrooms.
  • intimate gatherings, at your house or friend’s.
  • picnics alone.
  1. Your dream wedding reception is _________.
  • lots of dancing, and a downright party.
  • heartfelt toasts from your closest friends.
  • grabbing coffee and dessert, together.

If you answered mostly A’s, you and your fiancé sound like “people people.” In other words, you’ll probably have a large wedding invite list, and want to host a wonderful reception for all those guests. In this case, a wedding close to home (your current home, one of your childhood cities, or a college town) is most likely the easiest to plan. Choosing a venue in an area you’re already familiar with, makes it much easier to plan every last detail for a lavish soiree your friends will talk about for years.

If you answered mostly B’s, you might be well-suited for a destination wedding, which generally involves a smaller, more intimate guest list, and often less decorations and other details than traditional weddings. Whether you choose an all-inclusive option at a beach resort, or host a simple wedding in a vacation hotspot (New York, L.A., Austin), try to stick to close friends.

If you answered mostly C’s, you and your fiancé might prefer the ease and intimacy of a modern elopement. Whether you head to a local courthouse, to have a judge pronounce you “husband and wife,” or head out of town for a simple ceremony, there is nothing wrong with keeping the guestlist to just the two of you. (If you want the best of both worlds, consider inviting friends and family to a small reception or party after the wedding, itself.)