Planning a Wonderful, Weather-Proof Wedding

Weather-Proof Your WeddingEvery bride and groom dreams of a perfect wedding day, one surrounded by loved ones and palpable excitement. And while some couples’ dreams include a night filled with dancing, and others center around great food or good laughs, most share another common hope, for wonderful wedding day weather! Of course, Mother Nature is not always so cooperative. Fortunately, a little rain doesn’t have to dampen your wedding day, if you plan for the unexpected, weather-wise. The same is true of snow, sweltering heat, and other less-than-ideal weather conditions. By making some simple, smart decisions, when it comes to wedding planning, you can make sure your wedding day is everything you dreamed, rain or shine.

Choose a Venue that Offers Indoor/Outdoor Space

One of the most obvious ways to ensure your guests have a great time, regardless of how the weather behaves, is by selecting a wedding venue that offers both indoor and outdoor spaces you love. The last thing you want is to have no contingency plan, if rain washes away your dreams of a beautiful outdoor ceremony. But having access to only an uninspired, or too-small indoor space isn’t an ideal Plan B, either.

So when it comes time to choose a wedding venue (remember, it’s often wise to pick this vendor first!) we highly recommend finding one with both indoor and outdoor spaces that fit your esthetic, and that can comfortably accommodate your guest list.

Pick Wedding Gifts that Will Keep Guests Comfortable

Another wise and wonderful way to plan for inclement weather is by choosing wedding gifts that can actually help keep guests comfortable! From colorful umbrellas, to soft shawls meant to keep cold shoulders cozy, there are lots of great gifts that will be useful and enjoyed long after you say “I do.”

For spring weddings, you could also give your bridal party cute and stylish rain boots, or lightweight sweaters or jackets. For fall, think soft blankets in your wedding colors, gloves or mittens, and even coffee or hot chocolate mugs that will compliment your DIY cocoa bar or gourmet breakfast station, etc.