Saying ‘Yes’ to Your Wedding Dress Made Easy: Part One

Wedding Dress Shopping Made EasyAre you worried that finding the perfect wedding dress is going to feel more like a nightmare than a dream? It doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to keep the fun in dress shopping, you just need to head to the store armed with these smart shopping tips. With a little perseverance, and a great team by your side throughout wedding planning (but especially during dress shopping), you are sure to find the dress that will make you feel your absolute bridal best!

Take Only Your Best Friends

While many brides are tempted to invite all their gal pals, and close female relatives, for their first excursion dress shopping, this can often lead to added stress. You may feel pressured to hear all their (inevitably varied) opinions. If you don’t find a dress you love, you may all leave feeling a bit disappointed.

  • We recommend choosing only a handful of important people to attend dress shopping. Your sister, your mom (if she won’t stress you out), your maid-of-honor, are all candidates. Just keep in mind that shopping may go much more smoothly if you stick to confidantes with similar tastes to yours, or at least the desire to see you in a dress you love, more than pushing you to wear one that they love for you!

Know What You Can Spend and Stick to That Figure

Having a wedding budget is absolutely essential, before you start any wedding shopping. Otherwise, you’re likely to fall in love with a gown that’s way out of your budget, and that can only lead to heartbreak.

  • If you do find a perfect dress that is slightly out of your dress budget, you could consider allocating funds from another area, such as wedding decorations. Just be committed to sticking to that adjustment, because going over your budget is a surefire way to add stress during wedding planning!
  • Choosing the most important and biggest items first, is another great way to keep within your budget. (This is another reason we recommend booking your venue early on, since this is often the biggest expense in wedding planning!) You might fall in love with beautiful wedding jewelry or shoes, for instance, but until you have your dress picked out, it’s usually unwise to invest in these. It’s generally much easier to find accessories that highlight your dress’ beauty than the other way around, and the last thing you need is to spend several hundred dollars on items you don’t even end up wearing to the wedding!