Saying ‘Yes’ to Your Wedding Dress Made Easy: Part Two

Wedding Dress Shopping TipsContrary to what wedding shows indicate, it might take a little work to find “the one.” We’re talking about your dream dress, of course. After all, you have already found your dream man. Now it’s time to plan a great wedding! For most brides, it takes trying on more than a few dresses, and possibly even visits to more than few shops, to find a gown that somehow marries their childhood dreams with their grow-up tastes. But that doesn’t mean all that shopping has to feel like work, much less super stressful. Going into the excursion with a game plan helps to ensure you leave with a dress you love, and warm memories about your adventure finding it!

What You Wear Matters

Unlike a weekly grocery run, during which sweats are absolutely appropriate attire, it matters what you wear to go wedding dress shopping. While very few brides are lucky enough to be able to wear a dress straight off-the-rack, wearing the right undergarments can give you a much clearer picture of what you’ll look like when it’s time to walk down the aisle on your wedding day.

  • You should plan to wear either your favorite, best-fitting bra or a strapless one, when you go dress shopping. You don’t want the first cell phone pictures of you in your wedding gown to be marred by sports bra straps, after all. It’s also hard to imagine if a dress will fit correctly or not, if you’re not at least wearing proper support.
  • It’s also wise to wear a slim camisole under your other clothes, so that you have some coverage while being helped into the dresses. Many bridal shops require their staff members be the ones to help you try on the dresses. So if you don’t want a perfect stranger getting to know you super well, wear a modest camisole that can keep you covered until the staff is able to zip or button you into each dress.

It goes without saying that you will want to wear clean and nice underwear for the same reason. But, if you are a modest bride, you could also consider wearing slim-fitting athletic or biker shorts. That way you can still feel clothed, even while squeezing into beautiful dresses.