Smart Tips for Staying Within Your Wedding Budget: Part One

Sticking To Your Wedding Budget by Shopping SmartAs you begin to plan your wedding, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed at all the paperwork that is required. From photographers and caterers, to DJ’s and bartenders, there are a number of vendors you’ll need come wedding day. Finding vendors you love is only the first part of the equation, too. You will likely have some pretty detailed contracts to sign, before they’ll save your date.

In all the rush of planning, you might find yourself tempted to skip over some of those pages, and to simply sign on the metaphorical dotted line. You might also be tempted to keep within your budget by simply going with the least expensive vendor in each category. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cost more in the long run. So if you want to stay true to your wedding budget, without sacrificing quality, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Why It Pays to Read the Fine Print

Simply going with the lowest price can be an effective way to make decisions when it comes to shopping for comparable products at the grocery store. Unfortunately when it comes to weddings, that tactic can often lead to stress, and unexpected added expenses.

Many brides are unpleasantly surprised when their wedding days roll around, because they must suddenly face charges they didn’t remember agreeing to pay. Fortunately, this kind of headache can be largely avoidable, as long as you take the time to actually understand what you’ll be getting, when choosing your wedding vendors.

Knowing what exactly you’re purchasing can also help make sure you stick to your allotted wedding budget, while still achieving a beautiful wedding day!

What Really Comes with the Pricetag?

Unlike purchasing your wedding dress, which will likely have a tag explaining how much it costs, many wedding vendors’ pricing can be a bit more complicated, to say the least. In fact, even the dress you purchase might come with some fine print.

For instance, does the cost of the dress include any alterations? Does the store provide complimentary steaming before the wedding? Will your bridesmaids receive a discount if you purchase your wedding dress from the same shop as them?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of all your potential wedding vendors before making a selection. It’s important you understand what is included before you commit to a contract, after all.

The larger the role the vendor will play, the more important it can be to understand exactly what is included in the price. This is true of the the wedding and reception venue, the photographer, and other vendors that will play a vital role in how well your wedding day goes.