Stumped What to Choose for Flowers? What’s New in Floral Design

Wedding Flower Arrangement IdeasWhile traditional floral arrangements will always be welcome in wedding décor, many modern brides and grooms are looking for alternatives to lavish rose centerpieces or tall vases of lilies. In fact, many couples are choosing more organic-looking floral arrangements that can feel more laidback and fun. If you know that’s the feel you are going for with your wedding flowers, here are a few tips to get your planning process started.

The Effortless Look Isn’t Always Easy

While mismatched flowers may look effortlessly chic, they are often deceptively difficult to create. (Think about how long it took you to master the perfectly unkempt top knot.) So unless you or a loved one has a background in floral arranging, you may not want to put this on your list of DIY’s, especially if you won’t have a lot of time to practice, much less prep the flowers on your wedding day.

Instead, be clear with a florist about your desires for your décor, then trust him or her to bring your vision to life.

Think Outside the Bouquet

Many modern floral arrangements are actually incorporating elements that are not even flowers. From berry-filled or blossoming branches, to feathers and fruit, don’t be afraid to mix non-traditional natural elements into your centerpieces or bouquets.

Even palm leaves, or plain twigs can look beautiful when expertly arranged, especially when mixed with other seasonal items local to your area. Having a beach wedding in June? Add seashells and seaglass to the tabletops. Hosting a rustic spring wedding in Texas Hill Country? Pair sunflowers and other native plants with potted succulents.

Show Off What You Love

Floral arrangements would be impossible without vessels to put them in. Instead of opting for simple vases, flex your creative muscle and show off what you love. If you’ve been collecting vintage teacups since you were a kid, use these to house small floral arrangements, like a single floating bloom, or an orb of single-colored carnations. Have you always loved the distinct blue of those vintage canning jars? Use them to house tall floral arrangements.

Let your wedding venue set the tone, and you can place your flowers in almost anything.