Essentials for a Southern, Summer Wedding: Part One

Essentials for a Southern, Summer Wedding: Part OneDo you consider yourself a summer girl? Have you always loved spending summer breaks exploring the great outdoors, lounging beach side or hitting the open road? If so, you may have your heart set on a summer wedding, either in your hometown or at one of your favorite travel destinations, like Austin, Texas, for example. Yet you might be concerned about the extreme heat that often comes with the summer months. The good news is that it is possible to host a lovely wedding that celebrates the unique beauty of summer, while still keeping your guests comfortable, even in the smoldering south. It just takes a little extra preparation for the inevitable heat that comes with hosting a summer wedding.

Keep Guests Comfortable, Even During High Heats

If your only concern with hosting a summer wedding is the heat, don’t let rising temperatures keep you from hosting the wedding of your dreams. Indoors or outside, it is possible to keep guests cool during the summer.

Many brides opt to combine an outdoor space for the ceremony, and an air-conditioned indoor venue for the reception. This ensures guests are nice and cool as they dance the night away. You can make this approach extra convenient for guests by choosing a wedding venue that has both indoor and outdoor spaces available.

Whether you choose to host part of your wedding, or the entire event, outside, though, consider the following ways to keep guests cooled off as the temperatures rise:

  • A large tent provides welcomed shade, but if you don’t want to detract from the views, you could also provide parasols for guests to use during your wedding.
  • Decorative fans can also be helpful; you can even have your program printed directly on paper fans for a unique touch that guests will love.