Essentials for a Southern, Summer Wedding: Part Two

Cool Down at Your Summer Wedding
Sure, it’s going to get hot out there. The south is notorious for providing sweltering heat all summer long. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible to host a gorgeous, stylish, and relatively sweat-free wedding ceremony in June, July or even August. Like any outdoor wedding, a summer wedding just requires some special planning to help keep your guests cool and comfortable throughout your celebration.

Ensure Your Guests Stay Cool During Your Summer Wedding

  • Don’t wait until cocktail hour to provide guests with refreshments; a drink station can help keep guests hydrated and comfortable while waiting for your ceremony to start. Lemonade, iced tea, and fruit-infused water are some excellent options that highlight the flavors of summer!
  • If you’ll be hiring food trucks for your catering, consider adding an ice cream truck as well! Gourmet popsicles, frozen fruit, ice cream sandwiches or a DIY sundae bar are other welcome treats, especially on hot days!
  • Make sure your dress code fits the time and date of your event. You may not want to insist men and women arrive in full suits and floor-length gowns if you’re hosting an outdoor ceremony in August, for instance. Even heels can be problematic at outdoor ceremonies, so keep this in mind when choosing your attire, and helping your bridesmaids as well. Many summer brides opt to bring a second getaway dress that’s more comfortable for dancing, and/or flip flops or other cozy shoes to change into after the ceremony.
  • Even if much of your day will be spent in the comfort of an indoor venue, you and your bridal party are likely to spend a good deal of time outside, taking pictures, for instance. Make sure you and your bridal party look your best by keeping oil blotting papers nearby. These are fast solutions, and they are more effective than powder. Wipes or moist towlettes can also be helpful for removing sweat and freshening up!