Exchanging Vows That Are Timeless Yet Totally You: Part One

Exchanging New VowsAh, the “I Do’s.” Not only are the wedding vows legally significant, they are also one of the most iconic parts of a traditional wedding ceremony. In many ways they represent the entire reason for hosting a wedding in the first place, the process of two people committing to spending their lives together. While traditional vows are still commonly used, they are no longer considered exclusively necessary in order to wed. In fact, many couples opt to write their own, or to simply find an alternative to traditional vows, one that better suits their personalities, beliefs, and reasons behind getting married. So if you and your fiancé aren’t really feeling the “for better or worse,” thing, here are some great tips for re-writing the rules on what it means to say, “I do.”

Set the Tone So You’re On the Same Metaphorical Page

Whether you want your vows to be incredibly funny, personal, poetic or heartfelt, it is important to come to some kind of agreement with your fiancé, beforehand, about what kind of tone you would like to set. Otherwise one of you might have your guests bawling, and the other laughing hysterically. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, you also don’t want to seem like you’re starting your new life together, on two very different pages.

So even if you plan to surprise one another with vows you have each written, have a pretty clear game plan in mind when it comes to drafting those words. A little planning can help ensure the exchange is sweet and special.