Exchanging Vows That Are Timeless Yet Totally You: Part Two

New Vows for New CouplesDo you want to create your own one-of-a-kind wedding vows, but you’re not sure where to start? Many couples opt to use the traditional vows as a general guideline for creating their own. For instance, instead of “I promise to love you in sickness and in health,” they may include funny stories about a time one of them got sick at an amusement park, or the time they started a terrible fad diet in an effort to get healthy. “For richer or poorer,” also lends itself to a lot of interpretations, and plenty of opportunities for laughs.

Get Inspiration from Likely and Unlike Sources

  • Before you set to work writing your own vows, make sure your officiant will allow this. Some churches have strict guidelines about exactly what vows must be used during a ceremony. Other ministers may ask that you let them review the vows before the wedding day, or at least provide a copy to him or her, to read from as necessary.
  • Using some kind of general structure is an easy way to come up with words that are both meaningful and personal to the two of you, whether that means the traditional wedding vows or a poem or song you both love.
  • However you decide to structure your vows, just make sure to write them down, lest you panic when it comes time exchange them, and blank on what to say.
  • You also want to keep this portion of the ceremony fairly short. Try not to be too long-winded, or too focused on inside jokes, much less truly embarrassing stories, as it can be rather alienating to your guests.
  • Do make sure that the vows include some kind of promise to one another. After all, that’s the underlying point of the entire day, to commit to one another, while gathered with family and friend as witnesses.

In times to come, these vows should be something that, like your rings, can remind you of how earnestly you intend to stick together, for better or worse, or whatever else you feel compelled to say.