Festive Flourishes for Decorating Your Wedding Venue

Decorations at a Wedding VenueNow that many of the important decisions have been made, the fun can really begin. Choosing decorations for your wedding ceremony and reception may feel like a treat, or a chore, depending on how you feel about decorating in general. But for many brides it is primarily a matter of determining what will create the most impact, the biggest bank for their buck. If you are wondering where to start, when it comes to decorating your wedding venue, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.Choose Your Venue Then Decide on the Decorations

One helpful approach is to first look closely at your chosen wedding venue, either in-person or online. Let it create cues for what decorations will be most important. (Just make sure to take into consideration what the venue will look like during the season you’ve chosen to wed, which is especially helpful if any part of your wedding will be outside.)

If you love everything about the venue you have selected, you may want to choose decorations that highlight your favorite parts… a garland over an arched doorway, small floral arrangements or candles in the windowsills of the stained glass windows, hanging jars of flowers to dress up the beautiful green space, where you’ve chosen to say “I do,” outside.

Alternatively, if there are some aspects of your wedding or reception venue that you’re not crazy about, you could focus your attention on trying to hide them, or at least minimize how noticeable they are. If you’ll exchange vows in the church you grew up in, for instance, where the chairs are a distracting color, consider slipcovers, assuming that is allowed. Some churches are very particular about what you can and can’t do. Many allow little to no decorations at all, so always check before making plans.