How Much Is Enough? Planning Your Wedding Budget: Part One

Wedding Budget TipsYou’ve got the ring on your left hand, and more importantly your dream guy by your side. Now it’s time to let the wedding planning fun begin! First things first, you will need to establish a wedding budget. And while this may sound like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be stressful or scary. It is important, however, that you be practical when setting a budget. That way you can plan a wedding day you will treasure, without breaking the bank!

Start By Assessing Your Resources, All of Them

Whether your parents have volunteered to pay for the wedding, you and your fiancé have been saving for the event, or there is a combination of people that will be contributing to your wedding day budget, it’s important to calculate just how much money you actually have to work with.

It is incredibly important to be realistic in this stage, as the last thing you want is to overestimate how much you can actually afford to spend, which can cause a serious strain on both your budget and potentially your relationships.

While you might have a dream figure in mind for how much you would like to spend, it’s best to look practically at the numbers, first, before you start dreaming up any specific wedding details. You might be pleasantly surprised that it is possible to plan a great wedding on a tight budget, if you are simply willing to make a few compromises. And really, no matter what your wedding budget, you need to prepare yourself for prioritizing what is most important to you!