I’m Finally Engaged! Now What? Part One

Wedding Planning Starts HereHe popped the question. You said yes. Your respective Facebook statuses have been changed accordingly. Your best friends have even surprised you with all the wedding magazines you could ever want. So now what? While planning your wedding and reception can feel amazingly exciting, it can also be a bit daunting, especially in the beginning stages. Fortunately, wedding planning doesn’t have to be scary. You just have to know where to start, and commit to making some smart decisions that will help set you up to have a lovely wedding day.

First Things First Means Picking a Date and Place (Though Not Necessarily In That Order)

One of the first things your well-intentioned friends and family will probably ask you, after you share your exciting news, is, “So, when’s the wedding?” And unless you and your fiancé have already talked about choosing a significant date on which to wed (your anniversary, for instance), you may just stare at each other when posed this pesky question.

Fortunately, we think it’s actually wise to put a pin in this discussion until after you have made one equally important, and often more fun decision, where to wed.

Choosing where you want to exchange “I do’s” can help you narrow your search for a perfect wedding date, based on weather considerations, travel accommodations, and when your venue will be at its peak beauty and most comfortable (if you’re choosing an outdoor venue, that is).

Once you have chosen a city and a wedding venue it should become much easier to work with the venue to choose a great wedding date!