Is an Outdoor Venue Right for You?

Outdoor Wedding? How to ChooseNow that spring is finally here, and with it a good dose of both rain and sunshine, are you more curious than ever whether or not an outdoor wedding is truly right for you? Many brides love the inspirational images they see on Pinterest and in wedding magazines. These photos often make backyard, garden and other outdoor weddings look almost dreamlike. Unfortunately, unpredictable Mother Nature can sometimes make an outdoor ceremony feel more like a nightmare. So what’s a bride to do? A few thoughtful considerations can help you determine what your ideal wedding venue actually looks like, including if it should be outdoors or in.

Do You Love the Outdoors, or Only Kind of Like Them?

There is a big difference between love and like, so before you settle on an outdoor space for your wedding ceremony and reception, it’s important to determine just how you really feel about the so-called “Great Outdoors.”

If you and your fiancé spend every chance you can exploring the parks, trails, or beaches near you, then chances are you really do love the outdoors.

Other clues you’re more than “in like” with Mother Nature?

  • Your vacations entail tents, instead of hotel stays, kayaking instead of bar-hopping, or fishing instead of fine-dining.
  • If it rains, you like to dance in it, rather than duck inside.
  • The back of your car is filled with stickers from mountains you’ve hiked, campgrounds you’ve stayed at, or beaches you’ve surfed.

On the other hand, there are lots of clues that you might like the idea of a wedding outdoors, more than you would like the reality of it. For instance:

  • Is your idea of camping a trailer or cabin complete with all the amenities of home?
  • Is your first thought when you see rain, how it will affect your hair?
  • Does the idea of the bottom of your wedding dress getting grass or dirt stains on it make you want to cry?
  • And there is nothing wrong with that. Knowing what you really want, though, is crucial to planning a wedding that will live up to your dreams.

While there are plenty of ways to create contingency plans in the case of rain or inclement weather, if what you really want is a climate controlled, bug-free environment for dancing, no amount of work will make the outdoors feel like the inside. So rather than fighting with Mother Nature, why not simply choose a wedding venue that offers the convenience of indoor spaces?

What to Do When You’re Still Unsure?

And for those few brides still on the fence, about whether or not an outdoor wedding is for them, consider choosing a venue that offers the best of both worlds, namely a beautiful combination of both outdoor and indoor spaces.