Love Is Sweet: New Wedding Cake Trends and Alternatives

Wedding Desserts That Aren't CakesAre you unexcited by the prospect of serving a traditional tiered, white wedding cake at your wedding? If so, don’t be afraid to ditch this standard dessert in favor of something more suited to you or your groom’s sweet tooth. While wedding planning keep in mind that most anything goes for modern wedding fare. From cookies and cupcakes to doughnuts or other delicacies, nothing is off limits, and wedding cake is certainly not required. Just make sure you do end the night on some kind of sweet note, by serving a dessert your guests are sure to love.

You Don’t Need a Cake to Say “I Do”

In recent years, many brides and grooms have changed the rules on what a wedding cake should look – or taste – like. So if you aren’t feeling stoked about serving traditional wedding cake to your guests, consider one of these trendy alternatives:

  1. Traditional “Cake” with Unique Flavors – even if you do want a traditionally designed cake, you can still kick it up a notch, by creating a unique flavor combination. Many couples are choosing to have only one cake, but opt to have each tier a different cake flavor (lemon, chocolate, strawberry, Italian wedding… the possibilities are nearly endless). Adding creams, meringue or ganache is another way to add punch. You could also consider infusing the filling with your favorite spirit (rum, bourbon, and Kahlua are popular options) or caffeine (cappuccino, green tea, even sodas).
  2. Bite-sized Cakes – whatever flavor cake you love, if you want to make it easier to serve and eat, consider cupcakes or even cake pops. As a bonus, these options can be creatively displayed on everything from wood slices to galvanized tubs, or baked right into mason jars.
  3. Doughnuts – don’t be afraid to take a cue from Homer Simpson, and serve Doh-nuts if they are your favorite delicacy! A variety of flavors (think maple bacon, chocolate eclairs, or topped with fresh strawberries) ensure everyone is happy, especially if you serve them with milk and/or coffee for guests dancing late into the night.
  4. Cookies, Macaroons, and Other Baked Treats – who doesn’t love a perfectly baked cookie? Whether you like traditional chocolate chip cookies, tiny snickerdoodles, or fancy French macaroons, just be sure to serve glasses of milk, if you opt for this classic, comforting dessert.
  5. Something Cold Can Be Super Sweet – especially if you’re hosting a summer wedding and reception, consider ice cream, popsicles, or another frozen treat that will help guests cool off. You could even set up an ice cream sundae station, or include alcohol-infused milkshakes as part of your cocktail hour!