Month: May 2016

Give Your Girls the Gift of Dresses They Really Will Wear Again: Part One

We’ve all heard the line, “And the best part is, you can shorten it and wear it again.” We may even have believed this lie ourselves a time or two, causing us to leave unfortunate-looking dresses to hang indefinitely in the back of our closets. But we all know what will eventually happen to most… Read more »

The New Bachelorette Parties: Part Two

If you are the maid-of-honor, bestie, sister or other friend put in charge of hosting a bachelorette party, it can be difficult to determine what’s the best way to celebrate the bride’s upcoming big day. It’s especially important to consider that not every bride wants a traditional bachelorette party. Some people prefer the kind of… Read more »

The New Bachelorette Parties: Part One

While there will always be bridesmaids who want to host what has become considered a wedding tradition, the wild and crazy bachelorette party, not everyone is cut out for super late night adventures on Sixth Street in Austin or the strip in Las Vegas. Some friends are looking to have a more subdued kind of… Read more »

I’m Finally Engaged! Now What? Part Two

If you’ve spent anytime doing wedding research, you’re probably already aware that planning a real-life wedding and reception is nothing like the pretend ones you might have hosted as a child. For one, there are a lot of potentially scary words that enter the picture, like “budget,” “guest list,” and “contracts,” when you’re actually going… Read more »

I’m Finally Engaged! Now What? Part One

He popped the question. You said yes. Your respective Facebook statuses have been changed accordingly. Your best friends have even surprised you with all the wedding magazines you could ever want. So now what? While planning your wedding and reception can feel amazingly exciting, it can also be a bit daunting, especially in the beginning… Read more »

Is an Outdoor Venue Right for You?

Now that spring is finally here, and with it a good dose of both rain and sunshine, are you more curious than ever whether or not an outdoor wedding is truly right for you? Many brides love the inspirational images they see on Pinterest and in wedding magazines. These photos often make backyard, garden and… Read more »

Exchanging Vows That Are Timeless Yet Totally You: Part Two

Do you want to create your own one-of-a-kind wedding vows, but you’re not sure where to start? Many couples opt to use the traditional vows as a general guideline for creating their own. For instance, instead of “I promise to love you in sickness and in health,” they may include funny stories about a time… Read more »

Exchanging Vows That Are Timeless Yet Totally You: Part One

Ah, the “I Do’s.” Not only are the wedding vows legally significant, they are also one of the most iconic parts of a traditional wedding ceremony. In many ways they represent the entire reason for hosting a wedding in the first place, the process of two people committing to spending their lives together. While traditional… Read more »

Prepare for Anything with a Mini Emergency Kit: Part Two

Is there a lot that is needed to host a successful wedding day? Yes! Fortunately it is not hard to throw together a complete wedding day emergency kit, that will certainly come in handy should any minor mishaps arise. From smeared eyeliner to torn hems, make sure you are ready to tackle whatever the day… Read more »

Prepare for Anything with a Mini Emergency Kit: Part One

Whether you are a bride looking to plan for whatever may come on your wedding day, or a friend wanting to be the best maid-of-honor ever, it is surprisingly easy to create a mini emergency kit. This simple kit can help prevent and cope with many a mishap on such a big day, from torn pantyhose… Read more »