Prepare for Anything with a Mini Emergency Kit: Part One

Wedding Emergency? How to PrepareWhether you are a bride looking to plan for whatever may come on your wedding day, or a friend wanting to be the best maid-of-honor ever, it is surprisingly easy to create a mini emergency kit. This simple kit can help prevent and cope with many a mishap on such a big day, from torn pantyhose to failing bridal updos. Though there are some pre-made options available for sale, it’s possible and easy to make your own. Here is what we recommend including in a save-the-day kind of wedding emergency kit!

What Should You Include?

Wondering what is necessary to include? Here are some staples every bridal party needs to have on hand:

  • A nail file, clear polish, and hand cream are practical additions for nail emergencies, and the occasional tear in a pair of pantyhose! You should also keep a bottle of the bride’s manicure color, for last-minute touchups if necessary.
  • Pain-relievers like aspirin or ibuprofen come in handy for headaches, cramps, and other pains.
  • Bottles of water are great to keep close-at-hand. While the bridal party may want to limit how much water they drink shortly before the ceremony, no one wants to become dehydrated or dizzy due to a lack of water. It’s also a good idea to take a few sips before the ceremony, to keep the throat moistened before the ever-important “I do’s.” Use straws to avoid messing up your makeup!
  • Snacks like granola bars, crackers or other easily portable (and fairly clean) foods can help keep people from getting “hangry” during the very long lead-up to the wedding. It can also keep the bridal party, especially its youngest members like the flower girl and ring bearer, from getting antsy during formal photos, while waiting for the reception feast to begin.