Prepare for Anything with a Mini Emergency Kit: Part Two

Makeup And Other Wedding Emergency Kit ItemsIs there a lot that is needed to host a successful wedding day? Yes! Fortunately it is not hard to throw together a complete wedding day emergency kit, that will certainly come in handy should any minor mishaps arise. From smeared eyeliner to torn hems, make sure you are ready to tackle whatever the day holds by assembling a simple kit, complete with everything you will need to get hitched, without a hitch.

What You’ll Need Come Wedding Day

Whether you stash these supplies in a spare purse, an unfashionable but practical fannypack, or a simple shoe box stowed away somewhere at your wedding venue, here are some important items to keep close at hand:

  • Breath mints, gum, and/or dental floss can make sure your smile is picture-ready – and your breath kiss-ready – even after a bit of snacking.
  • A comb, pick or brush, hairspray and bobby pins make fixing flyaways and other hair issues fast and easy.
  • Safety pins and extra corsage pins are also important.
  • Eyedrops and tissues can help you look fresh even after some sentimental sobbing, just make sure to dab instead of wiping, which is more likely to mess up your makeup.
  • For the inevitable makeup mishap, keep a mini kit and your lipstick or lipgloss nearby. Your makeup artist may even be able to create a travel-sized kit for you, using your lip and eye colors. Though powder can be helpful for combatting shine, in many cases oil blotting papers are faster and more effective. Makeup remover towelettes can help fix major smears, and don’t forget to have a mirror and tweezers handy as well.
  • Hand towlettes are also useful, for quick cleanups.
  • A mini sewing kit, stain remover pen or wipe, static cling spray and hem tape (or white and black duct tape) can help combat most fashion emergencies. Many people don’t know this, but chalk can also help hide last-minute smudges on the wedding dress or makeup marks on the groom’s dress shirt
  • Other important additions include small scissors or a pocket knife and tampons and/or sanitary napkins. Bandaids are also important, just in case, and some cash for last-minute tips or vending machine runs.