The New Bachelorette Parties: Part One

Non-Traditional Bachelorette Party IdeasWhile there will always be bridesmaids who want to host what has become considered a wedding tradition, the wild and crazy bachelorette party, not everyone is cut out for super late night adventures on Sixth Street in Austin or the strip in Las Vegas. Some friends are looking to have a more subdued kind of fun. Above all, we think honoring the bride’s wishes and respecting her personal preferences, is the best way to ensure she has a memorable and merry sendoff from her singlehood. We just happen to be particularly fond of these clever new takes on how to host a bachelorette party she’ll never forget!

A Truly Happy Celebration

  1. For the bride who always dreamed of being a Disney princess someday, consider a trip to either Disneyland or Disneyworld to celebrate her finally finding her prince. If she spent her childhood imagining she would someday marry Harry Potter, a trip to Universal could help her get one step closer to living that dream.
  • If these amusement parks are too far from home for you and the bridal party, or simply out of budget, look into local parks (Six Flags, Hawaiian Falls, etc.).
  • Or, choose some other fun activity reminiscent of childhood (a skating rink, bowling alley, arcade, etc.).
  • Sometimes a little childlike amusement can help alleviate the stress of planning a wedding.
  1. Some brides may prefer to have a bridal shower or luncheon, in lieu of a traditional bachelorette party. If so, consider renting a special event venue to set the scene and make the day special.
  • Choosing a theme can help make party planning simpler. It doesn’t have to be crazy or over-the-top. Anything from a favorite meal, her favorite color, or a place she loves can serve as great inspiration!
  • Make sure to invite only the people she requests, too. This is especially important if she’ll be opening any intimate gifts, like lingerie.