Yay! You’re a Bridesmaid! Now What? Part Two

How to Be the Best BridesmaidYou’ve already been given the title of bridesmaid. You may even have purchased your hopefully lovely dress. Now come all the other wedding-related tasks you’ll be assigned as one of the bride’s closet friends, confidantes, and go-to girls on wedding day. If you want to be the best bridesmaid you can, it’s important to keep a few things in mind, lest you accidently overstep or shirk some of the traditional bridesmaids’ duties. Here is what most brides hope their friends know, when it comes to serving as a bridesmaid.

Ways You Can Support Your Girl

Yesterday we talked about how to support the bride when she’s wedding dress shopping, and the importance of allowing her to voice her opinion before trying to sway her one direction or another. But while dress shopping, and in some other cases, you may need to do more than just ask your friend’s opinion. You may need to validate her feelings and even stand up for her.

From backing her love of a less-traditional wedding gown to her more conservative family members, to helping instruct any flaky friends that they need to show up on time for their hair appointments on the wedding day, one of your jobs as a bridesmaid is to be the bride’s backup, emotionally, organizationally and much more. We’re not saying you should exert brute force, or use harsh words, if the bride has a disagreement with a distant aunt about what’s for dinner, or a wedding vendor that might be running late due to a true emergency. However, as the bride’s friend, you should be ready at all times to provide the support she’ll need. This is truly your most important job leading up to the wedding and the reception!