You’re a Bridesmaid! Now What? Part One

Be an Awesome BridesmaidHas your friend recently become engaged, and already bestowed on you the honor of being one of her bridesmaids? If so, you are probably excited and honored to stand by the bride’s side when her big day comes, but you might also be feeling a bit nervous, especially if you have never been in a bridal party before. Luckily, your job is relatively easy. Here are just a few key things to keep in mind, as you start fielding wedding planning questions and preparing for your own part in such a special day!

Say Yes to the Dress, and Other Ways to Rock as a Bridesmaid

It may go without saying, but the most important thing to keep in mind, as a bridesmaid, is that this is your friend’s big day, not yours. That means deflecting to her on issues big and small.

While the bride may make many wedding-related selections for you, like your dress, perhaps your shoes, and even your jewelry, if you are in charge of choosing items on your own, be sure to get the bride’s approval before buying (unless she has explicitly given you carte blanche to choose whatever you would like, that is). This can help to let her know that you recognize your place in this celebration, namely as part of her biggest and best support system as the wedding approaches and on the big day itself.

If you’re invited to go wedding dress shopping with your friend, be prepared to share your opinion, but only as needed and welcome. For example, we think it is always best to make sure you get the bride’s opinion of how she feels in each gown, before lending your own opinion and advice. This makes sure that she will feel beautiful, and like herself, on her wedding day. Just as importantly, it helps keep you from earning a reputation as a naysayer or Negative Nancy, if that is still a saying (no offense to the wonderful Nancys we know).