Month: June 2016

Fun Summer Party Ideas for Your Next Get Together: Part One

Summer is certainly the perfect season for impromptu get togethers with friends and family. There is something especially wonderful about bonding over pool time and backyard barbecues. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to host a more formal gathering with the ones you love. In fact, many people have pretty special occasions to honor… Read more »

Cool Ideas for Your Autumn Wedding: Part Three

Summer is often a time for backyard grilling, and picnics by the pool, or on the beach. Many people avoid the kitchen, while the weather is warm, in favor of spending more time outdoors eating simple meals and fresh summer bounty. But while corn on the cob and fresh watermelon may be filling your plate,… Read more »

Cool Ideas for Your Autumn Wedding: Part Two

You may have beaches and barbecues on your mind, right now. But that doesn’t mean it is too soon to start planning your fall wedding. In fact, summer is a great chance to get some crucial planning done, leading into autumn. Once you’ve chosen your wedding date and key vendors like your venue and photographer,… Read more »

Cool Ideas for Your Autumn Wedding: Part One

Does the summer heat have you dreaming of cooler temperatures? In fact, have you decided that a fall wedding is right for you? If so, autumn will be here before you know it. And whether you’re planning to wed later this year, or next, now is actually a great time to get some serious fall… Read more »

Is a Wedding Budget Really Necessary?

Many brides shudder at the idea of having to establish a wedding budget before they can get into the more fun aspects of wedding planning. Unfortunately, failing to set a budget upfront can often be a recipe for disaster. Failing to set a realistic budget, or not sticking to it, can cause dangerous patterns of… Read more »

What Should Be On Your Wedding Registry?

For many couples, few parts of wedding planning prove as fun as heading to their favorite stores to set up their wedding registries. Of course, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the options, and end up with lists that include of dozens of fun home accessories and without a single set of… Read more »

Fun New Takes on Traditional Wedding Menus

Are you and your fiancé really excited about planning your wedding menu? Modern couples are often as excited by what they’ll be serving their guests, as they are about any other aspect of how they will wed. If you want to create a menu that will wow even the toughest food critics, or your pickiest… Read more »

How Should I Choose My Wedding Colors?

Are you wondering how you’ll ever narrow down the seemingly endless choices for wedding colors? A defined color palette can help give your wedding a cohesive feel, and it can also almost instantly help to create a unique vibe. So whether you’re looking to create a romantic atmosphere, a colorful soiree, or to inspire some… Read more »

Set a Date with Friends for Some Fun Wedding DIY’s: Part Two

If you are looking for a little extra excuse to spend some time with friends over the summer, while still tackling your growing list of wedding planning projects, why not host a DIY date day with your besties? DIY continues to be a wonderful trend in wedding décor. Plus, one-of-a-kind projects can be fun to… Read more »

Set a Date with Friends for Some Fun Wedding DIY’s: Part One

Summer can certainly be a great time to get together with friends, and while there’s nothing wrong with sipping cocktails poolside, this is also a great time to knock out some of those ever-growing to do’s on your wedding planning checklist! In fact, what could be more fun than a day – or night –… Read more »