Cool Ideas for Your Autumn Wedding: Part Two

Planning Your Fall WeddingYou may have beaches and barbecues on your mind, right now. But that doesn’t mean it is too soon to start planning your fall wedding. In fact, summer is a great chance to get some crucial planning done, leading into autumn. Once you’ve chosen your wedding date and key vendors like your venue and photographer, there are lots of fun choices to be made, including these autumn-inspired décor and meal ideas!

Celebrate the Colors of Autumn with Seasonal Décor

You don’t have to stick to traditional fall colors, just because you’ve chosen to host an autumn wedding. That said, celebrating at least a few of the many colors of the season can be a great way to create a memorable, unique and beautiful celebration.

If you prefer bright colors to the traditional oranges, reds, and browns you see around fall holidays, consider incorporating just a shade or two that can be found in nature during the fall season. For instance, anchor a variety of pinks with a rich orange tone and sage green.

If you love eggplant, let a rich purple serve as inspiration, and pair it with your favorite blue and green jewel tones.

You could also speak to your florist about which of your favorite flowers will be in season, and choose a color scheme and overall look based on the flowers that will be most readily available and affordable. Sunflowers are a popular fall choice, as are mums. And keep in mind that other natural elements like tree limbs, leaves, pumpkins and even foods like apples can also be used to bring the beauty of nature indoors, to your wedding reception!