Fun New Takes on Traditional Wedding Menus

Wedding Menu Planning TipsAre you and your fiancé really excited about planning your wedding menu? Modern couples are often as excited by what they’ll be serving their guests, as they are about any other aspect of how they will wed. If you want to create a menu that will wow even the toughest food critics, or your pickiest relatives at your wedding reception, here are a few key ways to ensure your menu is both delicious and memorable!

Think Local and Seasonal

One of the best ways to create a unique menu, as well as an affordable one, is to stick primarily to food choices that are both local and seasonal. Not only does this help ensure you get great quality foods, it also helps ensure your menu is as unique as the two of you, and one that won’t break the bank or your wedding budget.

Talk to your caterer about your desire to create a menu that highlights your favorite local ingredients, dishes, or seasonal produce. And don’t be afraid to speak with your bartenders, as well, about creating signature cocktails that compliment this menu, and even some that feature seasonal fruits or herbs, as well!

Think Outside the Box!

Chicken or fish might be traditional wedding fare, but they are hardly the only ways to feed your guests. They may not be the most exciting either. If you’re looking to give guests an unexpected meal, look to your own favorite dishes as inspiration when wedding planning.

Whether you loved your mom’s traditional southern home cooking, had your first date at a wonderful Italian restaurant, or are obsessed with weekend brunches, don’t be afraid to choose a non-traditional starting point for creating your wedding menu.

Most caterers can create upscale versions of everyday classic foods, and fun presentations of otherwise simple fare, in order to wow guests.