Fun Summer Party Ideas for Your Next Get Together: Part One

Fun Summer Party IdeasSummer is certainly the perfect season for impromptu get togethers with friends and family. There is something especially wonderful about bonding over pool time and backyard barbecues. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to host a more formal gathering with the ones you love. In fact, many people have pretty special occasions to honor during the hottest summer months. So whether you’re celebrating a friend’s engagement, a parent’s retirement, an expectant colleague’s bundle of joy, a birthday or anniversary, if you are planning to host a special event this summer, here are a few of our favorite ways to keep guests comfortable and the party hot, in this summer heat!

Choose a Venue That Offers Both Comfort and Class

Like we said, we love a great backyard barbecue, or a simple picnic by the beach But if you want to host a shower, party or even rehearsal dinner that feels extra special, why not consider renting a special venue instead?

Not only can you find a place that is beautiful and well air-conditioned, but you can also skip out on the last-minute stress of cleaning your own house or begging the neighbors for extra parking spaces. Choosing a designated party venue is also a great way to help several hosts feel equally involved, and can often lend itself to being more centrally located, which is especially helpful if you’ll have many guests travelling to attend the party.

Depending on where you live, and what time of day you’ll be hosting your gathering, don’t be afraid to choose a venue with a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, so you can both enjoy the beauty of nature, and ensure guests stay comfortable, no matter how hot it gets, or in the chance of rain.