Fun Ways to Honor the First Man In Your Life

Celebrate Your Dad This FAther's DayHe is the man that taught you to ride a bike, tie your shoes, and shoot a layup. He sent you to lunch with the best sandwiches in the world, and has dropped everything to come change your tire, or move your furniture on more than one occasion. He consoled you after your first heartbreak, and soon he’ll be the man that walks you down the aisle, to say “I do,” to the second great love of your life. Doesn’t he deserve more than yet another hastily purchased necktie? This year, honor your dad on Father’s Day with more than a last-minute gift. Let him know just how special he is to you, by giving him a gift that is truly heartfelt and thoughtful.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go With Something Handmade

Though you may no longer be able to get away with giving your dad a poorly constructed craft project for Father’s Day, that doesn’t mean you should shy away from all things handmade. In fact, what is a better way of letting him know you’ll always be daddy’s little girl than by giving him a handmade, thoughtful one-of-a-kind card?

You don’t have to have mad crafting or Photoshop skills to give him a meaningful memento that lets him know just how much he means to you. Use whatever skills you have (calligraphy, great doodling prowess, an eye for mixing fonts) to share a favorite quote, a drawing of him, or his favorite car, fishing rod, etc. an example of the best advice he’s given you, or even a list of some of your best moments together. Or, simply photocopy a picture you love and write a thoughtful note on the other side.

You could even create magnets of a few of your favorite family pictures, or use one of the photo printers in your area to create a photobook, mouse pad, coffee mug or other useful item with your cute faces on it.